Alcohol, and The Bad Things It Does

12 11 2007

What does alcohol do to you?

Alcohol affects your brain. Drinking alcohol leads to a loss of coordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses, and even blackouts.

Alcohol affects your body. Alcohol can damage every organ in your body. It is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and can increase your risk for a variety of life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

Alcohol affects your self-control. Alcohol depresses your central nervous system, lowers your inhibitions, and impairs your judgment. Drinking can lead to risky behaviors, such as driving when you shouldn’t, or having unprotected sex.

Alcohol can kill you. Drinking large amounts of alcohol at one time or very rapidly can cause alcohol poisoning, which can lead to coma or even death. Driving and drinking also can be deadly. In 2003, 31 percent of drivers age 15 to 20 who died in traffic accidents had been drinking alcohol.1

Alcohol can hurt you–even if you’re not the one drinking. If you’re around people who are drinking, you have an increased risk of being seriously injured, involved in car crashes, or affected by violence. At the very least, you may have to deal with people who are sick, out of control, or unable to take care of themselves.

Be on the know to prevent it:

Know the law. It is illegal to buy or possess alcohol if you are under age 21.

Get the facts. One drink can make you fail a breath test. In some States, people under age 21 can lose their driver’s license, be subject to a heavy fine, or have their car permanently taken away.

Stay informed. “Binge” drinking means having five or more drinks on one occasion. Studies show that more than 35 percent of adults with an alcohol problem developed symptoms–such as binge drinking–by age 19.2

Know the risks. Alcohol is a drug. Mixing it with any other drug can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol and acetaminophen–a common ingredient in OTC pain and fever reducers–can damage your liver. Alcohol mixed with other drugs can cause nausea, vomiting, fainting, heart problems, and difficulty breathing.3 Mixing alcohol and drugs also can lead to coma and death.

Keep your edge. Alcohol is a depressant, or downer, because it reduces brain activity. If you are depressed before you start drinking, alcohol can make you feel worse.

Look around you. Most teens aren’t drinking alcohol. Research shows that 71 percent of people 12-20 haven’t had a drink in the past month.


Paid by the United States Department of Health and Human Resources.




15 responses

2 12 2009
Andrea Slow Bear

I am a good girl for ever and ever.

17 12 2009

thanks this helped me i no this isnt good but im only 13 years old and yes i did have a problem and i would thank u

13 10 2010

Thank you so much this has really helped me… and im only 11 🙂

26 11 2010

this is good thing for my project and i thankyou for that but bif you are at a young age like under 15 like me. im 14 and when you drink at a young age it can really harm your brain.

be carful!!!

20 04 2012

you are so right

18 04 2011
Wont tell you

This has good information but not exactly what I was looking for. I was looking a little more for something like “Every six hours someone dies from blah blaah blah” but still good

18 04 2011

Actually, this is really amazing information. THANKS.

3 06 2011

i am a very young man aged 23,with a very heathy vision.alcohol has really disturbed my academic glad i have found this remedy before its too late.thanx.zambia

17 10 2011

what is this al .. alco . hol ?
how you do this ?
is like sweets no ?

17 10 2011

al .. alo ? hol ?
what dis mean ?
like food ?
you eat ? explain this . please

22 11 2011

i will never drink ever in my life

24 11 2011

This is awesome it helps me a lot

1 02 2012

thank guys…

12 03 2012


22 05 2012
john doe

Alcohol is pretty dangerous and i had a prob once im 12 ………………….
Im glad i stoped or id be in for it………..

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